For Families

How do I get started?

By filling out the family form. A team member will be in touch shortly after to go over the information that you provided and walk you through the entire agency process to see if we are the right fit for your needs.

What areas does The Nanny Booth service?


Is there a registration fee?

A non-refundable registration fee of $349 is required to start the process.

How much is the placement fee?

Connect with us to learn about our agency fees at 862.832.8099/ info@thenannybooth.com.

What is the screening process for caregivers like?

All caregivers are required to have prior childcare experience and valid references, as well as a valid social security number and to be eligible to work in the US. After filling out the Candidate Application, they are contacted by a recruiter to go over their details and check their references. Lastly, an interview is conducted to verity their information once more, and learn about their work experience in further detail. Once a nanny is officially hired, a complete background check screening is performed prior to their start date.

How much do caregivers expect to be paid?

The hourly or weekly rate depends on different factors such as number of children, experience, if you need help with housekeeping or heavy cleaning, if there are any pets in the home that require assistance, and more.  A team member will be happy to guide you through current nanny salaries and expectations based on your living area.

Does the agency pay the nanny directly?

The Nanny Booth is solely a referral agency, we connect families with nannies but we are not the nanny’s employer. Families are expected to pay nannies directly.

How are the nannies recruited?

Primarily nanny connections, but also word of mouth, social media, referrals from prior employers, recruiters.

Would I need to pay the placement fee if I wanted to do a trial day before hiring a nanny?

No, since trials are a great way to get to know the candidate better and figure out if it will be a good fit. We believe trials are part of the interview process and for this reason trail days are encouraged.

Am I expected to pay the nanny during the trial?

Yes, since nannies put in their effort and hours of work and should be compensated for such.

How long does it take to find a nanny?

It usually takes an average of 2 to 6 weeks.

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For Caregivers

How can I apply for a job?

By filling out the candidate form. A recruiter will be in touch shortly after to go over the information you provided and let you know the following steps to complete your application.

Is there any fee that I need to pay the agency in order to apply for jobs or once I get hired?

Not at all! We offer a free placement service for the nannies.

How many families can I interview with?

You can apply to any jobs that you’d like (based on that you fit the jobs criteria). There is no limit!

How long does it take to find a family?

It depends on the job description that you’re looking for, your experience, hourly rate that you’re looking for and more. It can be anywhere from one or two days to months. We will keep you in the system and send you available jobs until you let us know otherwise.

What are the requirements?

All caregivers are required to be willing to undergo a criminal and motor vehicle background check, and to have previous childcare experience along with references and to be eligible to work in the US, being CPR and First Aid certified (or willing to get it). Although not a requirement, having a valid driver’s license and owning a reliable car will help you match faster with a family.

How can I be up to speed with new available jobs?

By visiting our Job Board or by following us on Instagram and Facebook.

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